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Unlimited agreements

Create customised, professional agreements. No limits, no matter how many agreements you draft.

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Do your drafting quickly and easily online. Case type and client details auto fill throughout from one simple page.

Smart drafting

You can annotate your agreements for discussion or checking. Extensive advisory footnotes provide practical guidance and highlight potential pitfalls.


We lock down and guard our servers, use 256-bit encryption, and automatically back up all your valuable data.


Agreements have been developed by leading practitioners working together and approved by the Association of District Judges.

The Cloud

Work wherever you want, on any computer or tablet, and your files are always up to date. Nothing to install or upgrade, ever.


Export agreements to Word or PDF at any stage of completion. Get more done, with less effort.


Full of time-saving features to help you produce agreements and orders quicker than ever.


Your critical data is backed up automatically, so your agreements are always there even if your computer takes a holiday.